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Fully equipped laboratory facility to prepare your samples for characterization for further study. We focus on material thin sections, Resin based sample mounts, Doubly polished wafers etc. 

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Petrography and Microscopy.png

Equipped with high-end microscopes, our characterization labs include Polarizing microscopes with both transmitted and reflected light sources for maximum range of samples; Microscopes with heating stage for Fluid Inclusion studies; Stereo Microscopes for easy separation of mineral grains etc.

The facility provides scope for advanced analytical applications using Scanning Electron Microscope and ELectron Probe Micro Analyser. currently housed in AFMM, IISc.


Ever wondered how a thin section is made?

The globe represents the palette of the Petra group. Petra is short for Petrology which is the branch of Geology dealing with the study on rocks.
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