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Sample Preparation and Characerization.JPG

Thin Sectioning 

  • Standard size of 28*48mm quality glass sections. 

  • Large Size (50*65mm) also available upon request. 

  • Soft or weathered samples would be made after impregnation upon request and slot availability. 

Resin based Mounting

  • Resin based on Petropoxy, Petrothin or clear Araldite also used based on requirements. 

  • soft/ weathered samples need to be impregnated prior to the preparation.

Wafers for Fluid Inclusion Studies

  • Single or Doubly polished thin wafers are prepared for studies such as Fluid Inclusion studies. 

Sample Powdering and Separation

  • Powdering by Pulverizer (Ball) Mill. 

  • Powdering by Tungsten based Pestle Mortar. 

  • Minerals separation by Magnetic Separator. 

  • Detailed separation under stereo microscope. 

Ultrasonic Drilling

  • tiny sized micro drilling is utilised for extracting focused portion of your sample from thin sections. 

  • Applications include in-situ analysis for LA-ICP MS, SIMS etc. 

The globe represents the palette of the Petra group. Petra is short for Petrology which is the branch of Geology dealing with the study on rocks.
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