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Capture &

A necessary step to Capture, Store and Utilize CO2 from the atmosphere aimed for a better future!

Why do we have to be alert!?

Graph shows the alarming rate at which CO2 is being emitted to the atmosphere. Credit: World Economic Forum. 

C³  is dedicated to researching and providing solutions to capture, store and effectively utilize CO2 from the atmosphere.  We aim towards building practical and long term solutions towards tackling the issues of climate change.
We currently focus on building technology towards Enhanced Weathering techniques, Filter Development, Precipitation methods etc.
We are dedicated to advancing the understanding of our world through research and collaboration. We invite collaborations from leading experts in their fields, and to help foster meaningful conversations that can lead to real-world solutions.

C3 is committed to creating a space for innovative and collaborative research that can help shape the future. 
The globe represents the palette of the Petra group. Petra is short for Petrology which is the branch of Geology dealing with the study on rocks.
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