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Project Govt Agency funded

PROJECTS  - extramural 

as PI

Evolution of the Madras Block, southern India: A re-investigation on India-Antartica correlation - Department of Science and Technology (DST) - 2018-2021

Texturally controlled micro-chronological and extraction protocol studies on Pt-Chromite mineralization - Ministry of Mines (MOM) - 2018-2019

Deep Crustal processes during the evolution of Archean.Nilgiri Block,southern India - Ministry of Earth Sciences (MoES)- 2015-2018

The Heat source for Ultrahigh temperature lower crust, a case study on central Madurai block, southern India to test the available models - Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR)- 2013-2016

Iron Formations and its associates:An inquisition to early earth dynamics - Department of Science and Technology (DST) - 2015-2018

Stochastic Modeling of Hydration Process in Concrete :Investigation into Creep and Shrinkage - Department of Atomic Energy (DAE) - 2012-2016

Petrographical,chemical and computational studies on concrete at high temperatures - Department of Atomic Energy (DAE) - 2012-2016

Paleo-geographic reconstruction: Development of a new GIS based methodology - ISRO- IISc Space Technology Cell (ISTC) - 2012-2015

Research, Education and Manpower development in the discipline of Earth Processes - Ministry of Earth Sciences (MoES) - 2009-2018

as Co-PI

Integrated Geological, Geochemical and Geophysical studies for the delineation of Chromitite extensions in Nuggihalli Schist Belt and implications for Ni-Cu PGE mineralization - Ministry of Mines - 2019-2020

Mechanical strength of the Nilgiri and Billigirirangan Hills in the southern granulite terrain and its correlation with tecto-magmatic processes - KERALA STATE COUNCIL FOR SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENT (KSTE)- 2019-2020

PROJECTS  with International Collaborations 

Development of Modern Dating Techniques for Understanding the origin and occurrence of strategic minerals - Scheme for Promotion of Academic and Research Collaboration (SPARC) - 2019-2021

Probing the provenance and distribution of heavy-mineral placer deposits in costal areas of southern India and SW Sri Lanka: A new multi-minerals proxy approach to understand source-to-sink link - Department of Science and Technology (DST) - 2017-2020

Indo-Japanese Joint Project entitled: "Arc Accretion in the past and present and its bearing on methallogency - Department of Science and Technology (DST) - 2018-2020

Chromite- Assesment of chromium release from Sukinda mining overburden: An isotopic, chemical, physical and microbiological study - Centre for Promotion of Advanced Research (CEFIPRA) India-France bilateral project - 2016

High Temperature lower crust of East Central Gondwana:Emphasis to southern Indian and Sri Lankan Geology"-Indo-Srilankan project - Department of Science and Technology (DST) - 2014-2016

Geological linkage between southern India and Antarctica: A probe on crustal processes from Archaean to Proterozoic- IndoJapan Research Project - Department of Science and Technology (DST) - 2013-2015

Projects Internationa


Forced rock weathering and potential for Hexavalent Chromium Cr(VI) release to groundwater: Micro or nanoscale investigation." - Google - 2023- ongoing

Support towards Petrology Group- CSR Funding - "Promoting Petrology for Education" - Toyo Ink India- 2022- ongoing

The globe represents the palette of the Petra group. Petra is short for Petrology which is the branch of Geology dealing with the study on rocks.
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